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Richard Cayne is a financial advisor who was in Tokyo, Japan until August 2010. After his company, Meyer Asset Management, was given a warning by the Japanese Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, he moved his operations to Bangkok, Thailand.

Richard Cayne has caused a lot of trouble for his clients. He aggressively marketed a fraudulent land-banking investment in Thailand called Royal Siam Trust. RST was sold under many false pretenses ($500 million in company assets, company history dating back to 1955, possible for investors to withdraw at any time). None of it was true. When investors inquire about their investment or ask for their money back, they get nothing but lies and stalling tactics from Richard Cayne.

I strongly advise anyone who is considering doing business with Richard Cayne, Meyer Asset Management, or Meyer International to stay away. In my opinion, he is not a reliable person and seems to have difficulty telling the truth.

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Shawn T

Nov 23

these people still do not get it yet. cayne robbed them.

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Oct 08

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Sep 14

Thailand always have been, still is, and will be, a haven/paradise for criminals, where else can you live
and operate with impunity, bribe the locals, be it government, police or just anybody, with small
amount of money? live in obscurity with fake credentials, or better yet, marry a local to act as a front
to your dirty deeds? be able to transfer and receive large amounts of money with minimal risk?
only in the land of smiles.... and I know, if I was a criminal, I'd be setting my home here too...

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B Ann

Jun 04

'Ann B' is Richard Cayne of Bangkok and the cute website was written by him and his 'RST' victim-client Sevaan Simon of Kagoshima guaranteed -- Good timing and all with another *** 'WSB Claimant' e-mail & legal letter put out a week later...

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Ann B

May 26

The Anti Semite Daniel Edward Kennedy residing in Osaka Japan also operating under name Gage Morita cooperating and paid by Gregory Pitt ( a UK individual pretending to pretending to be a lawyer with his virtual law firm website Mackenzie Smith in Bangkok Thailand ) has posted online smear campaigns at this website and other blog posts; see for absolute factual details about his threats, abuse and anti semitic remarks

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Mar 15

I'm really surprised that this guy hasn't fallen on a knife yet. He claimed to be working in his clients' best interests, but the truth is that Richard Cayne stole the RST money and doesn't want to give it back, or has spent it already. He hides out in Thailand, doing the seedy things that subhuman trolls like himself do there while he, his wife (Akiko Kitamura Cayne) and a few of his cronies (John Formichella, Kurisu, and some Thai dude old enough to *** dust) live off the proceeds of his victims.
Most people figure he took the RST money, spent what he could and shoved the rest into his BS "Asia Wealth Group" offshore holding company.
Where's the money, Richard?

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Mar 11

very surprised they have not caught this guy yet.

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Feb 22

So, here we are going into March 2014. I signed a POA with Richard Cayne in Dec. 2011 regarding Royal Siam Trust and WSB. He then tried to get (force) me to sign a legal "Agreement" last year excusing him from his Royal Siam Trust / White Sands Beach crime with his Meyer International Ltd ( Meyer Asset Management Tokyo ). My lawyer back home looked at it and said in 5 minutes flat "this 'RC' guy stole your money no question about it and this is absurd" *waiver/gag order/NDA/can't sue. My family and I are thoroughly convinced Richard Cayne is playing "legal" games with our Royal Siam Trust money and blaming others. He will also not answer my simple questions relating to my RST investment by email over the last 4-5 years. We have come to the conclusion he wants to buy time and hopes his clients give up and forget!

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Fool me once

Oct 21, 2013 Bangkok Noi, Krung Thep

Royal Siam Trust aka White Sands Beach is the same ball of pig dung. Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword. I believe in karma and I hope Mr Cayne and all his *** cohorts get their day in court or better. Please do not give these people any of your money. It will disappear forever. I wished the Thai authorities would give Mr Cayne a reserved room at the Bangkok Hilton for a few years. It would be deserved by this bunch.

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Oct 20, 2013

This guy is a total ***. Screwed my wife and I too for a nice chunk of life savings. Wish we saw this sooner. Thailand????

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sideline guy

Oct 14, 2013

I just read Daniel Kennedy's letter on that Akko Richard Cayne or Director of Royal Siam Trust Japanese blog. Frankly, he has been right the whole time and the letter is 100% accurate and true. However, threatening violence or a Bangkok street work over for 'RC' in Thailand could be illegal online if this goes too far (just a heads up) and you will certainly not get your money back with proper justice using that method.

Nevertheless, Richard and his hirelings did their fair share of trashing Kennedy on the web and it looks like RC started it years ago as the letter points out to throw their case. Richard FYI, -I just can't refer to him as 'RC'- with good reason, definitely with an RST investor created another early 2011 blog and/or supported to literally trash Kennedy and is also no doubt posting about Kennedy on this site. In any event, that 3 page letter I just read is probably the most logical thing I've seen in these RST or Meyer land banking shenanigans. It also mentions a case built, strong evidence, various law enforcement agencies and how to go after Richard Cayne legally. I also just checked Royal Siam Trust St. Lucia and Richard or RST has not paid the 2013 yearly dues and judging by the dates, it sure looks like he/they did sack Gregory Pitt (White Sands) in spring 2012.

Richard sure is not capable of violence, however, he will scheme and swindle (and has) and continue to lie about it including to the lawyers he always hires. Richard is
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Getting even

Oct 11, 2013 Bangkok, Krung Thep

Having body guards in Thailand is like having screen doors on a submarine. USELESS!!!
There is a supposed court proceedings being held to correct the problem. I don't believe it. This guy needs some major advertising on MSNBC or someone to make the public aware of this travesty. I have talked to lawyers in 2 countries and Mr. Cayne aka Royay Siam can be taken to court but the cost will be very high. I should have known this guy was running a BS company. He's got that used car I'm a 2 faced liar tattooed on his forehead. For you people who are more computer capable than me this stuff should be posted and shared everywhere.

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Captain Baseball Bat Boy

Oct 11, 2013 New York, New York

You're exactly right. The court proceedings are a joke and always have been. I heard that Richard Cayne never even appeared at the court hearing that was scheduled in September and that the court rejected all the "power of attorney" documents anyway. Mr. Cayne never had a legitimate case and was just trying to buy time and confuse people. I never believed for a second that the *** who got investors into so much trouble would get them out of it.
Anyone who wants more information should just google it. I suggest "richard cayne scam" or "richard cayne fraud."

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Oct 11, 2013

Indeed, looks like some people are tired of this guy's ***. Thailand is for sure not a place to get caught stealing millions. I do know he has a few bodyguards on the payroll and it would not take much to make them look the other way. This loser has a few dirty lawyers too. I'm expecting this *** to get justice at some point.

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Getting even

Oct 10, 2013 Bangkok, Krung Thep

Mr. Caine, your days are numbered my little thief of an ***. I have asked for my money back for 5 years with nothing to show. My friends in Thailand are looking for a little work. I'll get my money or a pound of flesh. Hope you got eyes in the back of your head.

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Oct 06, 2013

WOW! People (Meyer victims) are still falling for Richard Cayne's Royal Siam Trust "WSB" land banking scam stories and other things! Some comments are spot on. RC took off to avoid the heat in Japan years ago and his clients did nothing to go after him and this WSB in court game is ***. Sure, invest with the "renowned Richard Cayne" web spamming d***head. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this lying crook in Thailand. FYI, what he writes on the web is total *** and he has been using and abusing Daniel Kennedy (excuse) long enough. :eek

P.S. I think he (and his wife) literally still owe the maids for his liquidated Tokyo mansion (RST$) and a hundred others that he left in the lurch... scumbags.

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Sep 27, 2013

@ Richard Cayne : YOU in Bangkok in fact wrote the below. You are the fatter, slimier and faster snake of the two who fled Japan with your clients money and always have been. You also failed to mention Royal Siam Trust that collected all the monies for White Sands Beach that disappeared ( you are the actual owner of RST ) and worked with Gregory Pitt for years ( FACT ). Trust me, people know you BOTH are *** "charlatans" in Thailand.

Hence, Meyer Asset Management / Meyer International / Asia Wealth Group Holdings ( YOU ) and Mackenzie Smith ( HIM ) are two former long time business partner companies. RST was the offshore byproduct rubbish story which vanished when you, the mastermind, was booted out of Japan and took the investors' funds. I also hope these people receive the deserved justice for you and your abuse. They should be contacting the authorities on you rather. Perhaps you left out your own reputation when in Japan for 15 years as a "deceitful devious character".

Richard Cayne writing ( on this site about Gregory Pitt ):

As a matter of public record in Thailand it is noted that various legal proceedings are ongoing at Gregory Pitt for cheating and fraud. The court has confiscated Gregory Pitt's passport as the court perceives him to be a flight risk during trial proceedings. Gregory Pitt's companies of White Sands Beach and Mackenzie Smith were shown to have received investors monies and at his hand has secretly removed
... Show more

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Sep 12, 2013 Columbus, Ohio

while stealing from me cayne has lost sight of what he can lose


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Sep 12, 2013 Columbus, Ohio

richard cayne while you look to gain by taking my money you have lost sight of what you can lose


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Aug 21, 2013

Richard Cayne (RST) Victims-

My best guess is Richard Cayne / Mr. RST needs a bit of (he and mates posted) Viagra retired-- with your money-- next to Soi Cowboy (Terminal 21) Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Anyone who still believes this crook and his propped up legal act as a "WSB claimant" needs a reality check. Yep, him mostly alone, his honest family and cohorts do have some measly shares in WSB. HOWEVER.. His hundreds of former and current clients or victims DO NOT, unless you consider five bucks per common share (on lies) a good investment. Love the Meyer content farm, Dan K bashing and spamming ***. Very obvious you have web assassin gun for hires including yourself hard at work to keep the truth from reaching the public. All while your Asia Wealth Group Holdings goes up in flames with your partners and your clients' RST money--long gone.

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